Our luxury skincare line is named in reverence to the BA YAN KA LA mountain range, on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Reaching altitudes of 5700m, these pristine glacial peaks form the source of China’s mighty Yellow River, known as the ”Cradle of Chinese Civilization”.


Founded in traditions,
Empowered by nature


BA YAN KA LA is an organic and natural personal care creator
that aims to help you change the way you look at the back of your cosmetic products – one shower at the time.

Our philosophy is to revive herbal medicine traditions dated back several millenia, the holistic powers of nature and the wisdom of ancient chinese healing, while fusing with modern life essentials to create exquisite products designed for contemporary lifestyle.



 From Daoism to Confucianism, and traditional Chinese medicine to the principles of feng shui and yin yang, BA YAN KA LA embraces 5,000 years of Chinese wisdom. Our ingredients and formulas use vegetal components, pure essential oils and active herbal elements from the wisdom of ancient Chinese healing.



Thanks to the expertise of our global R&D network, we have developed high tech formulas from natural sources. With our French laboratory, we use the result of the latest research to extract the healing properties from organic ingredients.